Online Solutions Forum


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The Online Solutions Forum was designed for inclusive, balanced, bottom-up and broad-based dialogue. Here you can connect with women leaders from around the world, share ideas, projects, sustainable businesses, campaigns and discuss solutions to climate change and sustainability. The Forum will be open for many years to come, but what is unique this year is that entries posted before June 1st 2013 will be compiled into a report to be presented to the 100 women leaders at the IWECI Summit in September 2013. Participate in the 100 Women Summit by sharing your ideas now!

The Summit Outcome Documents and Online Solutions Forum will be used for international strategic planning, advocacy and unified actions. We will present our outcomes to everyone from grassroots leaders to Heads of State; from local governments to UN meetings (connecting to the post 2015 Agenda, UNFCCC), from neighborhood gatherings to international conferences such as the Clinton Global Initiative. Let your voices be heard!

The goal of this ONLINE SOLUTIONS FORUM, both leading up to the Summit and beyond – is to engage you and your friends and colleagues to

SHARE YOUR SOLUTIONS that you are engaged in or planning to be implementing in your local community (for example: clean energy technologies, local agro-ecology, seed saving, to anti-“fracking” campaigns, etc

CONTRIBUTE YOUR EXPERIENCE to an international movement of women determined to make real progress on climate change and ecological sustainability.

RESPOND AND INTERACT with the other women contributing to the IWECI Solutions Forum.

Let your voices be heard, join the Online Solutions Forum! And, note this dynamic forum will continue after the Summit as a site to network, share ideas, projects, sustainable businesses and campaigns.

We are so grateful to you for your participation!

A note on IWECI process:

IWECI works globally, recognizing that working with women from both developing and developed countries is essential. We believe that women from the Global North are especially urgently challenged with the responsibility to dramatically reduce consumption and increase energy efficiency and conservation while advocating for a global sustainable energy transition.

Similarly, women in the Global South are often at the frontlines of the impacts of climate change, while also facing the ongoing need to bring their communities out of poverty. One of their challenges is to mitigate the impacts of climate change, implement adaptation strategies and meet their development needs while also keeping their carbon footprint low (which in many cases already is low) and efficiency as high as possible.

IWECI hopes to directly address these dual challenges with the key contributions of women leaders from both the North and South, from grassroots to governments, from earth-caring businesses to academia, coming from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise to stop and reverse the rise in global temperature and to develop sustainable societies. We recognize that we all need to work together while finding and implementing solutions that are specific to region and culture