The Women’s Earth and Climate Caucus (WECC)

WECC is a solution-based alliance that works to foster resilient communities, promote a post-carbon economy and energy future, while encouraging societal transformation. From supporting local and ecological food and energy models to advocating for rights of nature and sustainable policies, WECC is dedicated to a future where communities thrive.

WECC collaborates with women leaders from grassroots organizations, policy-making agencies, as well as the business and scientific communities. We believe breakthrough alliances are critical at this time. The complexities of the climate crisis require systemic change in how we are living with each other and our Earth. By gathering diverse representation, WECC embraces a whole-systems approach to understanding the intricacies of climate change, from the impacts on the natural world to the threats to social justice and survival. Our strategic focus is strengthening and building the capacity of women’s leadership worldwide as an essential ingredient to solving critical issues of climate mitigation and adaptation focusing on:

women’s empowerment

food sovereignty, water security

green business and renewables

rights of nature

new economic structures

reconnecting with the natural world

social and political advocacy

respecting Indigenous knowledge

breakthrough alliances

resilient communities

Women Leading the Way

United Nations’ studies demonstrate that women are key to climate solutions, yet there is a severe gap between their daily lives and access to specific information, collaborative networks, resources, and to policy and decision-making bodies in order to impact environmental and social issues. WECC closes this gap through advocacy work and by offering a variety of forums, training programs, and interactive platforms to discuss policy, community needs and strategies, and to mobilize action. Men are also very much welcome to the Caucus.

We are not in a crisis because we cannot find solutions. We are in a crisis because we are not implementing solutions already here: this is precisely where the collective will of women can make all the difference. Women are leading the way!